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Our Products

Arundel Stoneworks Ltd supplies a wide range of stone products for your home. For the kitchen we supply and fit made-to-measure worktops, bar-tops, table-tops, upstands and tiles. Our bathroom range includes fitted stone surfaces, vanity tops, bath surrounds, window seals, tiles and shower trays. We also stock fire surrounds, mantelpieces, hearths and cladding. As well as stock items we can create bespoke stone products to order, from your own designs at our workshop in Arundel, near Chichester, West Sussex. There is no limit to your imagination, we are only bound by the laws of physics!

The extensive range of natural stone we use allows you to choose the ‘look’ you want from a variety of different textures and colours: from smooth marbles with rosy pink veins, to grey-green slate with its anti-slip, rough finish. We work mainly with granite, quartz, limestone, marble and slate. We are happy to advise you on which stone would suit your individual requirements, whether you want a kitchen worktop, mantelpiece, bathroom or piece of furniture.

Granite is an extremely tough, durable stone usually made up of of three different minerals. These minerals are different colours which is what gives the distinctive colouring to a piece of granite. The white-coloured mineral is feldspar and is the ...»

Marble is formed when carbonate rocks (usually limestone or dolomite) recrystallise in a process called metamorphism. Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of very pure limestone or dolomite, but people often prefer the beautiful swirling patterns found in ...»

Limestone is most usually beige in colour with variations from grey to yellow. It has a fine grain and because of its sedimentary origin it is not unusual to find small fossilized shells in it. Limestone is an attractive, warm-coloured ...»

Your stylish and contemporary granite or marble worktop will add sparkle and glamour to your kitchen or bathroom. These sleek and durable materials are infinitely versatile which means that you can choose from a variety of edge profiles. Here ...»