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Marble is formed when carbonate rocks (usually limestone or dolomite) recrystallise in a process called metamorphism.

Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of very pure limestone or dolomite, but people often prefer the beautiful swirling patterns found in some sorts of marble. These swirls are formed from impurities in the original limestone and vary depending on where the marble was quarried.

There are three varieties of marble:

  • Not veined: pure white and marble in its truest form.
  • Veined: the colours of the veins depend on which impurities were present when the marble was formed. The colours range from black, through orange and even to green.
  • Breccias: These are oval shapes incorporated into a basically uniform background.

Arundel Stoneworks Ltd can create and supply marble in a variety of colours, to add a touch of glamour to bathrooms or kitchens. We supply and fit anywhere in the UK, but our core business centres on the area around our workshop in Arundel, near Chichester, West Sussex including Brighton, Worthing, Portsmouth, Guildford, Lewes, Southampton, Petersfield and Dorking.