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Granite is an extremely tough, durable stone usually made up of of three different minerals. These minerals are different colours which is what gives the distinctive colouring to a piece of granite.

  • The white-coloured mineral is feldspar and is the most abundant mineral found in granite.
  • Quartz is the mineral which has a light grey, glass-like appearance and
  • Black, flake-like grains are biotite or black mica.

There are two main types of granite:

  • Veined Granite occurs when minerals form stripes of colour different from the background colour which are distributed randomly across the slab.
  • Not veined Granite ususally consists of a base colour with two or three types of crystal within it. The colour of these crystals vary slightly in colour and size. Granites in this group, such as Rosa Sardo (white background, with grey/black and pink crystals) are fairly consistent in their pattern making them suitable for hearths, kitchens and bathrooms.

Arundel Stoneworks Ltd can supply and fit stylish, modern granite work surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom which will add value and beauty to your home. We cover all of the UK.